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Weird Nail Hacks & Tricks! | Hướng dẫn dễ làm nhất về nội dung chăm sóc da.


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Nail art life hacks! This nail tutorial video shows over 17 nail hacks and beauty tricks that you’ve never seen before. It includes DIY nail art tools, nail art compilation and nail hacks for kids, girls, short nails or long nails and nail hacks to grow your nails fast. This easy and simple nail tutorial shows how to make nail designs for beginners using weird tools like makeup, school supplies, DIY craft supplies and more!

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DIY nail art studs with puffy paint! You can substitute nail art studs with puffy paint and create awesome nail art designs. This is a perfect trick for craft lovers and nail art beginners.

Don’t have any matte top coat? No problem – use matte mod podge or other decoupage glue. Apply a layer over your manicure and your nails will become matte in a minute or two.

Sharpie nail art tricks! In this nail tutorial you will learn many genius nail hacks using sharpies. Combine sharpies and rubbing alcohol to create amazing abstract nail art designs. Draw colorful stripes with sharpies on top of a silver glitter nail and you have a completely new and unique manicure!

Water marbling looks so beautiful on nails but can be pretty tricky to achieve! Use two shades of nail polish and a piece of cellophane to create an easy marble nail design that turns out great every single time.

Have you ever considered using makeup products on nails? I have and they work great! Liquid eyeliners work as amazing nail art stripers! You can use glittery ones, colorful eyeliners or simple black versions. I show you how to make easy nail designs using all of these.

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Want to match the color of your nails to the color of your lipstick? Easy-peasy! Apply some liquid lipstick on the nail and seal it with a layer of top coat!

One of the coolest nail art hacks is using pencil eyeliners and lipliners on the nails! They work so well! Just make sure to apply white base underneath for a more vibrant result.

DIY glitter nail polish and DIY colored nail polish! In this nail hack compilation video you will also learn how to make your own DIY glitter nail polish and a colored nail polish from eyeshadows.

Metallic sharpie nail designs are so easy to make and cool to look at. Simply combine dark base nail polish with some interesting designs using gold, silver and bronze sharpies.

You can also use the usual coloring pencils to make amazing nail art designs! Soak your coloring pencils in warm water for a minute to melt the tip and you’re ready to draw on the nails.

Last but not least is a washi nail art technique! Take your favorite washi tape, cut it in small triangle pieces and you have your own DIY stickers to decorate your nails with.

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Disclaimer: This family friendly video is made for teenagers and adults. Tools used in the tutorials include hot glue, crafting knife and other objects, which are not suitable for people under 13 years old.

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Weird Nail Hacks & Tricks!
Weird Nail Hacks & Tricks!

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Weird Nail Hacks & Tricks!.

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  1. Hope you like these nail hacks as much as I do! Do you remember years back when I used to a lot of nail art on my channel? I missed those times so I decided to film a nail art life hacks video that includes easy and a bit crazy nail tricks for everyone – beginners and nail art experts ;) Which of these hacks was your favorite? I love the coloring pencils hack, so mind-blowing! :D Thanks for watching cuties and don't forget to check out the latest video on my second channel, where I tried to make slime for the first time ever! :)

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  3. i am so disappointed. i bought this in small last time and decided to get another one in medium, my daughter complained and told me the medium was smaller than the medium. please fix this

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