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Dường như bạn đang muốn tìm hiểu nội dung về wake on lan có phải không? Dường như bạn đang muốn xem hướng dẫn về chủ đề This is how I can remotely power on my computer [Wake on LAN] phải vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

This is how I can remotely power on my computer [Wake on LAN] | Kiến thức Có ích về công nghệ .


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Disclaimer: 1-Please do not make any changes to your network or Internet connection based on the information in this video. I do not accept any responsibility or …

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This is how I can remotely power on my computer [Wake on LAN]
This is how I can remotely power on my computer [Wake on LAN]

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This is how I can remotely power on my computer [Wake on LAN].

wake on lan.

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  1. For anyone using msi motherboard and not able to get this to work
    Please follow the settings:
    1. Set "EUP 2013" as Disabled in the BIOS Power Management menu.
    2. Enable “Resume By PCI or PCI-E Device” in the Wake Up Event Setup.
    3. In Windows device manager, go to “Network adapters” -> "Power Management” tab, and checked in the boxes [Allow this device to wake the computer].

  2. Asus should thank you, I had enough to search how to do it, your setup makes sense, I just bought the same router as you, I'll do the same as you, same router, same firmware, thank you for your research !!!

  3. Hey Behfor – Great Video – I'm running DD-WRT for years now and use WOL/WOW a lot – I use the DD-WRT app which allows you to have an icon on your home screen to wake a device up which is really nice as you don’t have to keep logging through the web interface – Now the dilemma I have – I want to upgrade the router with AI-mesh system with merlin installed – I'm wondering does the Asus app support WOL/WOL or do I have to login to the web interface every time I use WOL/WOW

  4. My pc support wol and it's ok when i am in the office. When i am out, and i want to use wow, is sufficient connect router, or it has to have particular function to send the packet? Thanks

  5. Hej! I can’t seem to get it to work. I have changed every setting you did and I checked so my computer is receiving a signal and it does. I don’t know what else to do.

  6. One option was to walk like 30 feet… shakes head hahahahahhahah

    Good use of graphics. Totally functional. Also the step with the magic frame check via wireshark was awesome.

  7. Any solution/workaround if the computer doesn`t turn on when shut down ? My case is that the computer is turning on only from sleep and hibernate, when shutting down nothing is happening, so any solution ? Thanks!

  8. I am having this issue right now I have Synology drive on my Mac and PC and I want them to do back ups at 3 AM in the morning on consecutive days. but I noticed that at 3 AM Synology does not wake up my PC or Mac what would be the best way for my scenario? I don’t wanna have to wake up at three in the morning to wake up my computer, I also noticed that while the back up is happening if it’s within the timeframe for the computer to go to sleep it just goes to sleep and pauses the back up what can I do?

  9. Thank you for this video ! It was helping me
    So, I have a little question ..
    Are you Persian ? (Persian accent is famous) hahaha
    Sepass gozaram baraye komake shoma

    Regards from Belgium,


  10. So if for whatever reason our firmware or hardware does not support waking from S4 / S5 then we are just out of luck and can only wake from sleep or a requested hibernate?

  11. it would be nice if you presented a solution to send the magic packet that's more elegant than having to log into your local router's firmware to send the packet.

  12. Your videos are very didactic and have always helped me.

    They describe standard situations that we lay people need very much. I last met

    with a non-standard problem when waking the notebook remotely on a LAN but also over the Internet using the "Wake On LAN" function.

    The laptop wakes up, works, the fan spins, but the screen is black. When you turn on the Remote Desktop Access program

    the actual status is displayed on the screen but remains black when the program is switched off.

    The screen can only be woken (turned on) by physically pressing any key on the notebook.

    Can you help me?

    Thank you M.S.

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