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The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 – Director Fehmi Krasniqi | Kho thông tin, phim ảnh giải trí miễn phí.


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The construction of the Great Pyramid and the True History of Humanity revealed.
To support the film and its production please follow the Paypal link below.
Correction: My speech was recorded, in May 2020. At that time, I didn’t preview to monetise the film. But with the national economic crisis, monetization has become essential for me, so the movie is now monetised.
I devoted approximately 1.296.000 minutes to this film. If you feel that the movie meets your expectations, you are invited to participate by donating in the link Paypal above.
Aiming to support the voluntary work of my team.
#greatpyramidk2019 #k2019
Today we are in 2020.
Why then K 2019 ?
Because the year 2019, marked the beginning of the new History of mankind with the World Première of this documentary film.
The movie has actually official subtitles in: English, Turkish, Danish(Not yet official) and French.
French version of Great Pyramid K 2019

English subtitle file to use for traduction in other languages.

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Fehmi Krasniqi

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The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 - Director Fehmi Krasniqi
The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 – Director Fehmi Krasniqi

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The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 – Director Fehmi Krasniqi.

ancient aliens season 7 vietsub.

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  1. Mr Fehmi, I think you need to do more research in presenting this video and claiming that PI was invented in Egypt. If Ancient Egyptian could not control the floods (Joseph, son of Jacob. Joseph advised then the Egyptian Pharaoh to divert Nile at Avaris and thus Joseph rose to inner circle of Pharaoh at that time, Joseph was given Royal seal and was a great leader of those who came to Egypt from Israel around 1600 BCE). Finally, Egyptian did not control flood let alone invention of PI. You need to read some Indian ancient text and then you shall learn about Mathematics. Your assumption to make this video is like one going to live on Mars (moon may be lived soon, hence not any more moon but mars). After listening to all those guru's words for last 10 years and reading text online – it is possible to think that GIZA pyramids were there long before any civilisation in or any where in this world. The population arrived and tried to make copies and thus failed pyramid and pyramid of Josher. Great job of presenting your views.

  2. I think the "copper notches" are hooks installed by modern day restoration crews to repair the crumbling blocks. And no there is no concrete, sorry. You can tell these are carved blocks, even up the 14 cm shaft out of the queen's chamber, the bottom blocks are carved with a block placed above. And there are hieroglyphs painted inside it 60 meters up the narrow shaft that were obviously painted by the builders as that's the only time it was open to do so. The cool thing about pigment is it can be carbon dated. They need to get on that. That's a timestamp for the construction. The wood they found inside the sealed shaft dated from 3,300 to 3,100 bc, 500-700 years BEFORE Khufu. It could've been an old tree or already ancient artifact, but the only way to be sure is to date the pigment.

  3. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MOLTEN GRANITE!!! TRY IT!!!! If you melt granite it turns into glass, all the crystalline structures and minerals melt together into volcanic glass, bubbly volcanic glass at that because some of the minerals contain water that steams out when they melt. That alone disproves half this video which is such a shame because the beginning was so good and made so much sense. Now you've COMPLETELY discredited yourself and the whole video with this idiotic molten granite crap. Smh
    Now, could they have crushed the granite and made concrete from it like they did the limestone, definitely!! You already had that process down with the limestone, why on God's green earth did you switch to melting granite with a giant solar lens!!!!!🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Btw it takes special gases like methane and pure oxygen in the right mixture to burn hot enough to melt stone. A solar lens would barely boil water, about 12 times not hot enough!! Jesus did any of you take a science or physics class ever? How about geology?? Maybe you should.


  5. you are crazy , there were no glass made. If they never had the tools only copper then no tools to heat sand, everything would melt plus what would they carry such hot material in. Your guessing yourself just like the rest!!! making money lying through your teeth !!

  6. We would have more proof it it wasn't for the pyramid mafia stopping acheologists from digging in certain areas know for possible things,they deny permits because they know ,if the real treasures were found about how we got here it would put their version out of business, its disgusting,and shouldn't be allowed.

  7. Thank you. Have there been experiments with such Lenses? Which material could they have been used to take out the molten stone?

  8. Really enjoyed the movie and sent the link to several other; First class. However, not to happy with the politically correct views on race, I would rather you had just left the movie to construction. However – brilliant.

  9. Has anybody ever played with the natural resonance of granite. Couldn't you just pick a metal plate and vibrate it at 30kHz it should go right trough theoreticaly. The vases have a natural display of minerals and not poored. But on the other side of the earth in peru there are huge boulders that display whats looks like wooden planks pressed into the granite rocks. They must have at least be able to soften the granite in earlier times

  10. Ah' right so the egyptions invented the centimeter from the size of a drop of water ? not from the french scientist Mouton dividing the the earths cirumference in 1670 ??

  11. The more you watch this video
    And you do the math 🧮 the more convinced you are…makes sense.
    I know for a fact that the concrete
    Theory is accurate…and every step 🚶‍♂️ makes gonna follow this documentary to see were it goes..I seen a whole bunch of Documentaries on how the pyramids were far this one is the one that makes more sense..

  12. All guess work and no evidence. Sorry been to Egypt and seen evidence showing those who were buried in Pyramids and hyroglifics showing the same in battles against others peoples in foreign countries – today Sudan, Iraq etc. Guess the Aliens traveled to those countries too huh…………….lol. Not to mention the hand tools and if you know anything about early history of measurement and math. Some of this explain Egyptians knowledge. Paranoid conspiracy theorists at work on the weak and feeble minded again.

    What next, it wasn't Jesus who died on the cross but father Christmas…………lol.

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