The 80/20 Rule Will Become 90/10 (This Is Why Women Are Frustrated) | 80 20 | Xu hướng mới nhất

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The 80/20 Rule Will Become 90/10 (This Is Why Women Are Frustrated) | Chia sẻ hữu ích về công nghệ .

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In this video, I discuss the 80/20 rule when it comes to dating and relationships. I explain why I believe this 80/20 rule will now become 90/10. Many women believe they deserve to be in a long-term relationship with a top-tier select man on his purpose. However, 90% of men do not live up to her expectations and requirements anymore.

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The 80/20 Rule Will Become 90/10 (This Is Why Women Are Frustrated)
The 80/20 Rule Will Become 90/10 (This Is Why Women Are Frustrated)

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The 80/20 Rule Will Become 90/10 (This Is Why Women Are Frustrated).

80 20.

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46 thoughts on “The 80/20 Rule Will Become 90/10 (This Is Why Women Are Frustrated) | 80 20 | Xu hướng mới nhất”

  1. I only like %10 of women only because the other %90 are immediately unattractive after they open their mouths. Which only makes me think those mouths were only made for one thing. 😎

  2. Its not even enough now to be an above average or good looking guy with a middle class income who owns a nice house and car. These women literally think they are entitled to the top 5 to 10% of men now … guys with model looks and physique, high social status and very wealthly. We are talking successful musicians/ DJs, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. who make $250K+ a year. The scary thing is even the below average women think they deserve the top 20% of men. Im a good looking guy with a good income and I have 4s try to hit on me all the time. They act completely offended when i turn them down. I mean how delusional are these women?? Obviously social media or dating app are inflating their egos and market value. Then you have the attractive or above average women who think their sh%t dont stink and will only date the top 5 to 10% men. My friends and I use to date 7 and 8s no problem. But now trying to talk to them is like going on a job interview. They grill you and sh%t test you the whole time. Not to mention they are narcissist and boring as hell. When their not grilling you to find out about your money and resources, they only want to talk about themselves and their problems. Dating these women is no fun! Even the desire to have sex with them is gone because any physical attraction you had was wiped out by their intolerable personalities. There is a reason that marriage rates are declining. Believe me its not that women dont want to be married anymore. Women still want to get married but they are postponing it until they are in their 30s. Basically after they hit the wall and can no longer chase the top tier men so now have to settle for what they consider a low value man. But as mentioned before a majority of the men in the 80% population are high quality men but they just don't meet these women's outrageously high expectations. Men are the ones that are opting out of marriage and enjoying the freedom and happiness of being single. Its allowed men to focus on their purpose and goals. More and more men are becoming red pilled. Men don't hate women but we are tired of being disrespected and marginalized by entitled women, society, feminism and the biased court system.

  3. Are you really applying the Pareto Princable as a statistical fact? Wtf man? The 80/20 rule is a philosophical generalization, not an actual statistic and cannot be reliably applied to complex social societies and concepts. Men, do not believe any of this BS based off of NOTHING.

  4. That's great that leaves the other 80% with time to catch up, maybe it's a blessing. The perks of not having that doubt in your decisions brought into your mind by a womans opinion in that decision is invaluable

  5. Some men don't have the urge anymore to become the so called 10%. Financiallywise perhaps, not womenwise since they do not want to deal with female nature anyways. Guys like stardusk aka Thinking Ape for example really doesn't. 😊 Good on him/them.👍

  6. I dated a college girl and she was taking ages to finish her study. She was being lazy and stretching it out without a care. Well, her great idea was for me to fund her college debt (money that she claims her ex bf lent to her). But she disguised it by saying she wants to do some business idea. Lol. She thought she would get my money, pretend to pay back her ex bf, then head off overseas with my money. No wonder her parents disowned her.

  7. It's easy to be in the top 20% of men. It's really easy to be in the top 10% honestly. Get off your ass and do something most men aren't doing anything. They're sitting home eating Cheetos working at some crappy jobs smoking pot being miserable.

  8. For some reason this was in my recommended, and I'm glad I watched. 90 percent of woman sound really awful. I'm married and have been with the same man for 10 years. Before, I went on dates with guys, some good looking, some not, some with good jobs, some not so much. I just went out with who I vibed with at the moment. Never had I thought to seek only men with a 6 figure salary or with status, nor would I have wanted to as they sound intimidating. The one thing I disagree with is that 90% of woman can actually get the top 10% of men. Have you seen these woman? I do agree that both men and women should invest in themselves first and foremost. Get right, or at least get to the gym. The obesity in this country is no joke.

  9. You have no idea. For me the rule is
    1/1000. There is only one womban in a thousand I would even have a conversation with. 😃

  10. WOMEN are the frustrated ones…? Are you f-cking kidding me? Who ever asks what us incels and men in general want…? The rule has always been 90/10. Just because beatbuxxers exist doesn't mean that they are amongst the winners, amongst the ones who get to have casual sex, amongst the ones women are attracted to. It just means they have something to provide, money or entertainment or chemistry going on.

  11. Brother amazing video, very clear, good job. I will translate it on Spanish to the community. Future is clear we going Android dolls. That is the future and is great!

  12. Wow so you present statistics with no citation. Well I say that 110 bazillion percent of men fall in love and marry the top 1/4 percent of unicorn dragons! Just as valid with your argumentation. Perhaps before you make a complete fool of yourself you should work on your argumentation skills……

  13. Can someone link a study to prove/explaining the 90/10 rule. I want to see solid evidence for this argument. I would also ask for a study that disproves the 90/10 rule.

  14. Almost a year later I’m always seeing articles of older women crying about their choices. The biggest growing group of incels, is single women over 35 lmfao the debt will always be paid, and consequences will always be had. The wall takes no prisoners and I’m happy to know that. I’m so close to being a real estate agent then I can pay for my college and become a lawyer.

  15. by the time it gets to 90/10 … the so called betas will have already designed super thiq cyberpunk and Alita style droids …so no stress.

  16. Basically this means that statistically, I shouldn’t get into a relationship. Obviously everyone is different, but it’s starting to seem that with modern culture, relationships are a waste of time and energy and provide no meaning. Relationships can only work if both parties are in a healthy self-loving mindset.

  17. Seeing girls wearing yoga pant leotards in the food stores is one up on the slobs of Walmart videos. It is reducing the food in my cart. You lose your appetite and understand why monks invested in mountain land. 80-20 rule. 80% of the girls wear the same clothes as the other girls who were trying to look like they thought the girls from California dress who changed already and are wearing something different now and have become the new 20%.

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