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Retromunda! Continuing our Necromunda history series, it’s the first episode that isn’t a full release of the game – this time I’m looking at the massive expansion to the setting that was the Outlanders boxed set – the new gangs, new characters and new rules that made the Underhive such an interesting place!

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Snipe & Wib’s video on Laserburn:

Idea shamelessly stolen from Matt Colville’s History of D&D at:

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OUTLANDERS: History of Necromunda 03
OUTLANDERS: History of Necromunda 03

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#OUTLANDERS #History #Necromunda.


OUTLANDERS: History of Necromunda 03.

xem phim the arbitrator.

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  1. Could you do another timeline video on the recent big changes in Lore, like Robot Jellyman waking up etc. I love dipping back into the 40k universe now and again, but haven't found a concise summary of the new lore!

  2. With regards to Ratskin Renegades, you have to also consider that the fluff makes it pretty clear they are the wronged people here and are out to punish those that attack them, not like Native Americans, who are pretty much always the aggressor with no explanation as to why. It's a shame this kind of world view has done away with a gang that quite frankly has an honest reason for being how they are.

  3. Been really enjoying your vids! I was a bit too young to play Necromunda when it first arrived, but I watched my older brother play. Best part was he had a female friend who would come over with this incredible Escher gang and stomp him. First time I realised girls could play too, despite GW not having the greatest track record, even to this day, for that sorta stuff.

  4. Necromunda is the best, I sincerely hope that you talk about the commuities love for the game being so strong that we created our own version of the rulebook that became the standard for so many years, that being NCE.

  5. Granted the old theme of Ratskins is shaded by early 90's mentalities, I contend that GW could/can/will re-introduce them as a proud and fierce faction of the underhive. I'd love for the sculptors of the Shadeshire Godsworn Hunt to have a go at the models.

  6. I never really knew much about this part of Retromunda, so it's cool learning about it. Seems like they just folded the Redemptionists into Cawdor wholesale for Numunda. Hearing about the plague zombies in Scavvy gangs makes me hope that Poxwalkers get added in.

    The guy who got me into Warhammer always used to talk about Retromunda, and I'd thought the Ratskins were a despised Ratling gang.

    Did Venators absorb some of the lore for the old Spyrers?

    The Purge scenario sounds really awesome, and looks like it would be a great opportunity to use my extensive collection of 40K models in another game.

  7. Very nice undeed. I came to the 40k fun a bit too late for this edition of Necromunda, so it's awesome to visit it through the eyes of a fan and a real afficionado, thanks for that!
    However, do you, perchance, have any plans to do a similar series on Battlefleet Gothic, perhaps? To me, BFG is probably what Necromunda was for you, the brilliant vision of facets beyond regular 40k battlefields where the incredible world-building was inextricably baked into fun rules designs. Would be great to hear your take on that retrospective!

  8. I just found your channel through the YouTube algorithm, and binged all your videos. I don't know much about warhammer and your videos have been super informative! I can't wait for you to post more, keep up the good work.

  9. Our campaign had a very cagey Scavvie player that was a terror to play against; they generally got to select the scenario so we'd have the dubious honor/job of being guards in the "escort the Guilder" mission. He'd recruit/toss bait and recruit plague zombies while using the rest of his gang (minimally equipped gangers and scalies with heavy weapons) and usually overrun the defenders; it wasn't clear in the rules but our organizer ruled that if the opposing gang bottled, the winning gang held the field, so could get models off the board to kill guiders and recover loot. One of his scalies named Toto had a 7000 credit bounty, since every time you killed a Guilder your bounty doubled. OP/broken would be a good way to describe that gang.

    Spyers were a popular choice (we had several teams in our campaign) but they lost the majority of their games (no big deal) and we had a several of them killed in a span of a couple weeks; combination of clever deployment and setting counter ambushes and unlucky die rolls dropped them. One team had a pretty scary Yeld that could run, shoot it's lasers (S4 with 2 sustained fire dice) and hide.

    I had a Ratskin gang and ignoring hive quakes and other trecherous conditions was fun, except there were a couple that didn't benefit the Ratskins, "Long Shadows" being a main culprit. I captured a ganger and we took his stuff (the Rescue Mission says the victim is stripped of equipment except for cybernetics, so thanks for the chainsword and bolter), so that went to Fire in His Eyes (a ganger with BS6) but lead to some disagreements because bolt guns weren't on the ratskin equipement list (but were on the outlaw trade table as a basic weapon) so it was OK'd. Best was a brave that was 'chosen' to have the Icrotic (sp?) slime smeared on him, giving him all sorts of bonuses; with just a pair of axes he carved up four opposing gangers in hand to hand (which was really tricky to do in that edition) before their leader set him on fire with a hotshot round from a shotgun. He spent the rest of the game running around while on fire and fell off a couple gantries but with the immune to pinning and increased toughness he laughed at it and ended up getting enough skill points to become a full-fledged ganger and earned his blindsnake pouch (because I only bought the pouches for gangers, not juves). Also had a Brakar figure but someone stole it after a game.

    Better days/times, that's for sure.

  10. I've got (most of, I think) a Man O' War starter set that I picked up years ago at a car boot sale, though the box got crushed in a move… I enjoyed it though! I never really got into Necromunda, beyond Kal Jericho and The Redeemer, but this series is making me consider picking up the new box…

  11. Absolutely loving this channel dude! If you had a Patreon I'd be supporting you : D

    Please do Man O'War next, that'd be awesome.

    p.s. I think your link to the theme tune isn't working on the later videos !

  12. This series is really interesting. I never got to play Necromunda back in the days, but I did play Mordheim, and it's fun to hear about all the little things that set Necromunda apart (and honestly, I now wish my group would have gone with Necromunda rather than Mordheim)

  13. Really enjoying this series. I played Necromunda extensively when it originally came out, missed the 2nd edition, but got engaged with the 2017 release and have been going at it off and on for the last few years. Keep the videos coming!

  14. Ratskin gangs were a powerhouse for a simple reason : they would get a +1 on their scounging rolls ( where every ganger rolls a die to scounge, needing 3 creds to feed themselves) . Because of this, the more guys you had in your gang, the more money you would make… which would allow you to get more juves, who made you more money, etc etc. In our campaign my ratskin gang eventually became the fattest in terms of gang rating and bodycount, getting close to 30 guys towards the end.

  15. " Spyre Hunting, or, "what I did during my gap year"… "

    (By the way, a suggestion for the future: if you do video-in-video again, like you did in the Laserburn aside in this video, maybe mute the embedded video..? I know it's only a few seconds long, but it's kind of confusing to have you talking over Snipe and Wib..! :)

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