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Organising a wedding can be as smooth as silk, or as messy as a mudbath. For the reception, there are two main groups of people you should get on your side as soon as possible: those at your reception venue, and those at a wedding studio of your choice. While choosing a venue will largely depend on your personal style (see Wedding Receptions), wedding studios are less differentiated but can be just as vital in ensuring your wedding is memorable.

What do wedding studios do?

First made popular in Taiwan, wedding studios kicked off in Bangkok seven years ago and their focus remains on the wedding photos themselves – which are taken three to four months before the wedding day. “The process of manually retouching the photographs does take some time,” says Jittima Manachaiyarak, assistant manager at Surrealist Studio.

The busiest months for weddings are May, November and December, so as with venues, it’s advisable to book well in advance.

Prior to the day wedding studios can arrange invitation cards, thank you cards and personalised giveaway gifts for your guests. On the day itself, they will hire the bride and groom the same outfits they wore for the photographs, and provide a make-up and hair service. A photographer can also attend the wedding.

Most recently, studios have started to provide CD-ROM or video packages about the couple and how they met and fell in love, which are shown to the guests at the wedding. “These are very popular among the hi-so,” says Piccha Prakalylerdluk, marketing manager at the Marriage Studio.

What do you pay?

Three main categories of studios have developed in Bangkok: low-priced, mid-range and high-end studios. The low-priced are mostly located in the Banglamphu area, where attention to touching up photos is minimal. Although the quality is lower, the pricer is lower as well.

Then there are the mid-range and high-end studios, both of which are mostly in the Thong Lor and Ekamai areas, were much more expensive when the market first developed in Bangkok. “Now there is a high supply, so we have to compete,” says Jittima. “People are getting better value than they did in the past – most studios are willing to give the customer as much as they can.”

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Couples at the Surrealist Studio spend on average around Bt20,000 on a basic package. However, Jittima says, once they see the photographs, they will often order more and end up spending a total of Bt40,000.

At Thailand’s first Thai-owned operation, Marriage Studio, the most popular package is Bt39,500. “Some people are price sensitive, but most couples don’t care about the price because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing – quality is much more important to them,” says Piccha. “And you do get what you pay for.”

Shop around

Studios will offer promotions at different times of the year, so Jittima advises shopping around. “Some couple cover three studios a day. It’s very competitive, so do ask if there are promotions, and try to negotiate.”

You may also wish to consider where the photographs themselves will be taken. “We have our own garden out the back, so photos can be taken there,” says Usamas Aiemlaor, account executive at Viva Forever Studio, where package prices range from Bt16,000 to Bt88,000.

Jittima also suggests that couples sit down early on and plan their time carefully. “There will be so many tasks to do. Write a To Do list, and then ask your friends and family to help.”

You want more?

Or perhaps your wedding studio can help if something extra needs doing. “We had a couple come in last week asking if we could decorate the restaurant cowboy-style for her reception. We have an art department, so they’ll do it,” Jittima says.

Nội dung bài viết

[NEW] A Bangkok Destination Wedding Story | bangkok wedding studio – Sambeauty

A Bangkok destination wedding that was a fairytale  

Imagine a boy who liked a girl in school. The girl? Oblivious of his love. But once they got together, nothing could keep them apart. And years later they marry each other. It sounds like a very well-written story, doesn’t it? In this case, it happens to be true! Trisha and Rahul’s Bangkok destination wedding was what fairytales are made of.

Set in the beautiful Bangkok, Rahul and Trisha’s wedding celebrations lasted for four tremendous days in the Anantara Riverside Resort. It was a joyous task to make a same-day edit for this beautiful couple. Don’t forget to scroll down to see their wedding trailer!

Part 1: Pre-Wedding in Bangkok

We shot their pre-wedding in Bangkok’s Wat Pho temple and on a boat on the Chao Phraya river. They had such easy-going chemistry that we just had to set our frames and wait for a moment between them, which were plenty!

Pre-wedding couple shoot in BangkokPre-wedding couple shoot in BangkokPre-wedding couple shoot in Wat Pho BangkokPre-wedding couple shoot in Bangkok

Part 2: The Wedding

They kickstarted the first day with a beautifully intimate wedding. The couple wanted to marry in the presence of just their closest family and friends, so they decided to have a small wedding on the first day and welcome their other guests for the rest of the functions after.

Manish Malhotra Indian bridal photo

You can see the love shining in Rahul’s eyes as Trisha walked the aisle towards him hand-in-hand with her father. And everyone shed a tear or two, as Trisha teared up during the jaimala ceremony.

Indian bridal entry at Bangkok destination wedding.Indian bridal entry at Bangkok destination wedding.Jaimala at Bangkok destination wedding.Wedding ceremony at Bangkok destination wedding.Wedding couple photo at Bangkok destination wedding.

Part 3: Coctail, Brunch and Sangeet

The wedding day was followed by a fabulous cocktail dinner on the rooftop of Avani+ resort, the next day. The lunch themed “50 Shades of Blue” the next day was just gorgeous followed by the sangeet night.

Indian bridal photo in papa Dont Preach by ShubhikaCouple portrait at Bangkok destination wedding.Wedding brunch at Bangkok destination wedding.

Our stunning couple entered in a vintage car and ended the night dancing on the tunes of the famous singer Hardy Sandhu. And they certainly knew how to let their hair down at the after-party!

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Couple photo Bangkok destination wedding.Indian couple entry in a vintage car at sangeet in Bangkok destination wedding.Indian groom dancing at his sangeet in Bangkok destination wedding.Indian bride dancing at her sangeet in Bangkok destination wedding.Hardy Sandhu performing at Bangkok destination wedding.

We loved how they had a separate “sand vows” ceremony the next day, to make the promises to each other a little more personal and distinctive to their relationship.

Indian groom ready for his baraat at Bangkok destination wedding.Indian bride in Gaurav Gupta couture at Bangkok destination wedding.Indian bridal entry with father in Bangkok destination wedding

Part 4: Reception

As usual, Rahul and Trisha made a stunning pair at their reception. It was a night full of speeches, tears and love all around. While Trisha’s Dad made a speech that made everyone cry, Rahul and Trisha’s dance as a couple made everyone wish for a love like they have.

Indian bride ready for reception at Bangkok destination wedding.Indian couple enter their reception at Bangkok destination wedding.Bangkok destination wedding.Indian couple dance at Bangkok destination wedding.

Watch Rahul and Trisha’s week-long Bangkok destination wedding now!

Wedding Makers

Bride: Trisha Datwani
Groom: Rahul Anand.
Edited by Anmol Sharma.
Shot by: Ritesh Arora, Mayank Mishra, Anmol Sharma.
Wedding planners: Innaz Communique
Mantra Events.
Trisha’s Outfits: Anita Dongre (Pre-Wedding), Manish Malhotra (Wedding), Trish by Trisha Datwani (Brunch & Reception), Gaurav Gupta (Sand Vows ceremony), Falguni Shane Peacock (Sangeet), Papa Dont Preach (Cocktail).
MUA: Visage by Vanita, Simran Takkar, Alina Khan Beauty.
Hair: Ritika Hairstylist.
Jewellery: Anmol Jewellers.
Hair accessories: Floristaa.
Venue: Anantara Riverside Bangkok, Avani+ Bangkok.

Wedding Presentation K.Care + Not

B a n g k o k w e d d i n g \r
……Create your own fantastic wedding story……\r

นอกจากการดูบทความนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถดูข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์อื่นๆ อีกมากมายที่เราให้ไว้ที่นี่: ดูเพิ่มเติม

Wedding Presentation K.Care + Not

Wedding Presentation PLA \u0026 MAN by Bangkok Wedding Studio

Wedding Presentation PLA \u0026 MAN
by Bangkok Wedding Studio
BangkokWeddingStudio bangkokweddingstudio Bangkokweddingstudio WeddingPresentation Presentation

Wedding Presentation PLA \u0026 MAN by Bangkok Wedding Studio

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