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Minecraft Elegance: Instant Mob Farm with Scaffolding (Java 1.16-1.17) | Kiến thức dễ làm về các mẹo, thủ thuật máy tính, đời sống.

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Minecraft Java 1.16
A mob farm design that is optimized for ease and speed of build while remaining expandable to up to 18000 drops per hour in a single tower without digging a perimeter.


Fun fact: Every piece of scaffolding in this tutorial has a function other than just letting you climb on it.

0:00 Intro
1:08 Materials list
1:21 Design and special features
4:58 Build tutorial
8:59 Bubble Column Upgrade

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Additional notes, tips, and corrections:
0:05 This basic farm produces about 3300 drops per hour, but operates at that rate only at night. You may like this farm if you play on a multiplayer server and have trouble getting everyone in bed at night. This way you can afk for a few minutes in a safe place, and you can pick up the drops in the morning.

0:29 Bamboo can be found in jungle biomes and in shipwrecks. You can search for a jungle biome by following the coast of an ocean in a boat or by “water skiing”, which is a superfast swimming technique:

Stop by any shipwrecks that you see along the way. Underwater shipwrecks can often be seen more easily at a distance because the distinctive shape of the ship offers contrast against the distant underwater background. For example, the outline of the bow can can be seen at 0:31 to 0:35. Bamboo might be found in the supply chest, which is located right behind the mast near the bow of the ship:

You’ll need to search 6 or 7 of these chests on average before finding bamboo, and not every shipwreck will have a supply chest. Still, odds are that you will find bamboo in a shipwreck before you come across a jungle biome, as not every ocean will have a jungle coast, so following the coast of just one ocean does not guarantee that you will find a jungle.

Dolphin will also lead you to underwater chests if you give them raw cod or salmon, but the chest may be that of buried treasure or ocean ruins, and not necessarily that of a shipwreck.

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3:20 The explanation in the video is a simplified version. The 3 pulses visible from the redstone lamp actually corresponds to a series of changes in the flowing water.

4:30 The 92.5% collection efficiency has been tested using different approaches, and I always get the same result. A 5-deep diamond frame of hoppers will collect over 99% of drops.

I’ve seen chicken jockeys at the base of the farm many times, but I’ve never seen the chicken jockey cross the rails. They don’t seem to interfere at all with collection. The only time that I’ve ever seen both hopper minecarts stopped by mobs on rails is when I forgot to light up the base of the farm with torches so that dozens of mobs spawned near the rails. If either cart is moving, the moving one always seems to restart the other.

4:58 If building in a desert, be sure to double check the biomes in the area of your build, as the beach biome will look very similar but produces zombies instead of husks.

6:29 Shut off the clock first, before working on expanding the farm.

6:49 Extending the roof out to 25 blocks from the center technically would be best for spawn rates to take advantage of all pack spawn possibilities, but the improvement is tiny for a lot of material and effort.

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7:09 The optimum delay is probably 14 repeaters at full delay, instead of 13, but I kept the design at 13 to keep the layout of repeaters simple.

7:28 The powered rails are 9 blocks away from the trapdoor, meaning that there are 8 blocks in the space between the trapdoor and the powered rail.

7:44 This is a hopper *minecart* unloading system, not a “hopper unloading system”. You may not need to install the unloading system at all if you don’t afk for long. Just look directly in the hopper minecarts to collect the drops.

8:33 A pillar from the roof to afk point, like at 3:12, is technically better for spawn rates than using a bridge, but the difference is not practically noticeable.

9:14 Lava flows down at 1.5 seconds per block, so it takes a little over 3 minutes for the lava to reach the ground.

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Minecraft Elegance: Instant Mob Farm with Scaffolding (Java 1.16-1.17)
Minecraft Elegance: Instant Mob Farm with Scaffolding (Java 1.16-1.17)

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Minecraft Elegance: Instant Mob Farm with Scaffolding (Java 1.16-1.17).

dowload java 7.

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22 thoughts on “Minecraft Elegance: Instant Mob Farm with Scaffolding (Java 1.16-1.17) | dowload java 7 Mới cập nhật”

  1. A word of warning for others building this farm: I thought I would be clever and make my roof the same height as my afk platform, that is 128 blocks above the ground, allowing me to expand the farm slowly without having to use temporary roofs. Unfortunately, this 128 block high roof did not darken the platforms below. Lowering the roof fixed the issue.

    I was under the impression that skylight in minecraft only went straight down, and thus light from above would be blocked by a roof at any height, but this seems to not the case – any idea why?

    Also, thank you so much for your excellent tutorials!

  2. Hanging scaffoldings and observer technique is absolutely genius!!
    I love how you explain the mechanics even if they weren't used in your contraption. I had always been curious about the top-slab floor and thought it's for saving cost!

  3. Could you adapt this to a creeper farm by spamming trapdoors on the ceilings of the spawning pads or would that invalidate the scaffolding overhang check used to update the dispensers?

  4. So it copies Gnembon's mob farm design but uses scaffolding instead, either you spawn near bamboo forests or find one in ships and grow some sounds like a waste of time.

    You're better off using cobblestone slabs instead since you'd get it from mining the materials needed for this farm(or build a cobble generator.)

    https://youtu.be/guvMmdeZqiI here's the link to Gnembon's farm

  5. Great video! Question: Can this build be modified to spawn endermen too? I'm thinking it would be as simple as increasing the height of the spawn pad by 1(i.e. placing stacking 2 scaffolding blocks vertically then the observer and dispenser), but i'm not sure how that affects the signalling issue you describe at 3:20

  6. I got 4 minutes in before I paused. Loaded up minecraft and put scaffolding between every water dispenser and observer in my creeper farm. It now works perfectly. Thank you

  7. Cool farm man, I built similar one on survival server. I had problem, because I needed bamboo, so I had to quickly build bamboo farm XD After that I had some issues, because of some unknown reasons (server lag, my mistakes or something) and water falls down from tower few times, I had to rebuild whole clock from zero, so I decided to put it few blocks down for make it waterproof and I used lanterns instead of torches to avoid destroying them by falling water in case of future problems.

    And also I changed collecting system. Yes, I know that yours is cheap for begginers, but I did some deals with other players and I used hoppers, because I lost few items and most important is that minecraft stopped working, perhaps because of enderman or something different. Using hoppers did 100% collecting efficiency and they are unstopable by endermans, so it's much better for me 😛

    Anyway thanks a lot, it's funny farm, because it's weird feeling when you're standing down and mobs falling on your head XD
    And also I will be able to blow up whole server because of gunpowder XD

  8. Tip: You can turn your gamma up to 100 which makes everything super bright. This can help a lot with tutorials. Also, superb build, I had no clue mobs could even spawn on scaffolding.

  9. Holy crap someone who makes farm is but actually describes how it works and people don’t just copy them blindly and people might actually start to learn how to develop them on their own

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