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Có phải là bạn đang tìm hiểu chủ đề nói về classic pompadour có phải không? Dường như bạn đang muốn xem nội dung về chủ đề How To Style A Classic Pompadour – Episode 03: FAQ & The Elvis Swirl đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

How To Style A Classic Pompadour – Episode 03: FAQ & The Elvis Swirl | Chia sẻ dễ làm nhất về chủ đề kiểu tóc đẹp nhất.


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Episode 03: FAQ & The Elvis Swirl

This episode is a talking video in which I will address some frequently asked questions on pompadour hairstyling and I will show some combing techniques.
I will also be addressing the “Elvis swirl”.

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How To Style A Classic Pompadour - Episode 03: FAQ & The Elvis Swirl
How To Style A Classic Pompadour – Episode 03: FAQ & The Elvis Swirl

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How To Style A Classic Pompadour – Episode 03: FAQ & The Elvis Swirl.

classic pompadour.

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  1. this is whattt i’m finded before, barber cannot underatand what we want while cutting. We want a long classic pompadour , but now the answer is.. combing style 😆

  2. To do the Elvis Swirl, I've been using Lockhart's goon grease and it won't allow my hair to swirl, it's too stiff. Can you recommend a pomade or hair product that's best for the Elvis swirl?

  3. Het vervelende van het doen van een 'swirl' wanneer de haarlijn relatief hoog is, is dat wanneer je van de zijkant kijkt, dat de pompadour niet erg naar voren staat. ik heb namelijk hetzelfde probleem. maar wanneer je de pompadour te ver naar voren kamt, dan ziet het vooraanzicht er weer minder uit. het is dus een beetje afwegen wat je prioriteit is.

  4. good video I mean but elvis didn't make this hair style.. YouTube (Elvis IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY)FIRST VIDEO ABOVE… I mean he do sing have blues rite? my point exaclty.. black & white pomp..

  5. Elvis never made the pomp look us blacks did… he grew up in a black area he had ways that we had being around African American he took are style and went to his crowd to show them something new called swagger shit they never seen before that's why everyone where's it thinking it's elvis.. more like JACKIE WILSON HIS POMP is like the moonwalk only he knows how to shine it like glass..

  6. I really miss your videos brother! Your comedic timing, editing, and unforgettable personality is second to none. I'm sure your main job and personal life have got ya busy, but if ya can make more videos whether it be reviews or more how to videos, that would be spectacular! Cheers brother!

  7. awesome vid sir…now this may be a dumb question, but in your opinion is three flowers brilliantine or royal crown hairdressing shinier? thx you

  8. Looove the videos man. I love your sense of humor, and how you aren't afraid to give shout outs to other reviewers.

    What video editor do you use?

  9. Hoi Tom,
    Gave video. Eindelijk weer een video die me wat inspiratie geeft.
    Ik vroeg me eigenlijk af wat de beste lengte is voor zo'n typische Elvis kuif en een ducktail. Mijn haar komt nu tot over mijn mond en is boven op en aan de zijkanten ook heel erg lang. Is dit te lang? Het lijkt wel goed te werken maar toch nog afentoe wat probleempjes. Mijn haar is heel dik en er zit veel slag in. Wat is de beste pomade die ik kan gebruiken? Ik heb al gelezen dat de wat lichtere spullen (die ze vroeger gebruikten) wat beter werken.
    Wat zijn jou tips?

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