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Empties | Beauty & Makeup Products I've Used Up | Angela Lanter | Chia sẻ dễ làm về sức khoẻ .

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! I’ve been collecting my empty beauty and makeup products the past month or so to show you what I actually used all the way to the bottom. These are mostly all items that I would repurchase, no true regret buys. Leave a comment with your must have beauty and makeup best product purchases (drug store too!)


Olay | InShower Lotion:
Johnson’s | Baby Bath Body Wash:
Tom’s | Toothpaste:
Schmidt’s | Toothpaste:
Sulwhasoo | Cleansing Oil Face Wash:
Estee Lauder | Serum:
Estee Lauder | Advanced Night Repair:
SKII | Essence:
Pixi | Glow Tonic:
St. Ives | Scrub:
Nioxin | Kit:
Bali Secrets | Deodorant:
Tarte | Contour Palette:
Laura Mercier | Powder:
It Cosmetics | Mascara:

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Universal Thread | Sweater:
Kendra Scott | Earrings:

Camera Used //



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My name is Angela and I’m addicted to all things beauty. I have been since I was about 4 years old. I upload makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, product reviews, as well as videos about Amazon finds, luxury designer hauls, skincare, life, motherhood, fashion and home decor.

Empties | Beauty & Makeup Products I’ve Used Up | Angela Lanter

Angela Lanter

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Empties | Beauty & Makeup Products I've Used Up | Angela Lanter
Empties | Beauty & Makeup Products I've Used Up | Angela Lanter

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Empties | Beauty & Makeup Products I've Used Up | Angela Lanter.

thuoc mouthpaste.

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28 thoughts on “Empties | Beauty & Makeup Products I've Used Up | Angela Lanter | thuoc mouthpaste | Hữu ích cho gia đình”

  1. You might want to do some research on the Johnson and Johnson products. I used it for my kids until I found out that some of the products are unsafe. You seem like a very natural person and that might be important to you.

  2. I used to love that apricot scrub but my aesthetician told me to stayyy away from it! It creates microscopic tears on your skin amongst other things like the harsh ingredients. I think if you like need that beady feeling while you're exfoliating then try the sugar polish from fresh its more gentle on the skin 🙂

  3. The Toms toothpaste for kids works well too….I know you have a bit before that but just a shout out.
    Also try not to do too many bath bubbles for baby because she could get an UTI.
    Thanks for the video! Ps it is not the St Ives ones that are bad it is the plastic beads that do not dissolve.

  4. Not to start an argument… but I think you should be good with the St. Ives scrub. The exfoliants in it are supposedly all natural. The controversy with exfoliants are the ones that are made with plastic microbeads, which don’t break down when washed down the drain, therefore polluting waters.

  5. I would absolutely love to see some vlogs especially of family holidays and day trips. I’m obsessed with the podcast by the way! It’s so informative and entertaining I’m 24 weeks now with a baby girl and feel like I’ve learnt so much from it 🎀

  6. Hey Angela! Do you find that the Pond's Cream you recently showed on Instagram leaves a greasy or tacky feeling after letting it soak in? I've been trying out the Burt's Bees Sensitive Night Cream, and it definitely has a film. Not my jam!

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