43 thoughts on “CakePHP 3.1 Login & Registration From Scratch – Part 1 | ข่าวสารล่าสุดเกี่ยวกับ เข้าสู่ระบบไลน์”

  1. One note: Serious security vulnerability used when he created the password. NEVER, EVER, just hash a password. Always create a random string of characters (currently it's minimum 10 bytes) next to the password, which u will also store in the database, which you use and salt your password with. In php, the function name you need is hash_pbkdf2. I don't know this programming language, so i don't know the equivalent of it.

  2. can we have linux setup i dont like to install all this main os Windows im using vmware is may main setup with linux if thing get bad i just re install it all its good practice . just to be safe

  3. Thanx fr the video…can u pls tell me …how do we define session variables so that user who is logged in cannot go to login page on pressing browser's back button ?

  4. Brad, please provide any help or else I will have to do all the coding again, I made the whole project by following your video, but my windows crashed and my all saved project lost. Just a little help and I will be a big thing for me. I also asked on Stackoverflow but they said only the dev of project can tell you.

  5. Hi Brad, I downloaded your patientcare project from Eduonix, I took your course there, after downloading the project files when I run it, it says incorrect login, I have created database even after the problem remains. how can I get rid of this problem?

  6. Good tuts, after login I want to redirect the user to a main page where the user can select menus for actions, can you please help me, thanks in advance.

  7. Nice One Tutorial Can you tell me how i make a admin pannel for that site.And how i login a user with social site with all functionality like forgate possword,reset password etc.And how i use captcha and how i download a file .So please reply me…

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