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Best Cold Call Opening Lines – How To Start a Cold Call | Bài viết dễ thực hiện về công nghệ .


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0:00 Intro to Best Cold Call Opening Lines
00:26 Cold Call Opening Line
02:23 Setting Expectations
06:48 Identify Pains and Qualify Prospects
07:03 Pain
08:41 Uncover Desired Result
10:30 Close & Set Up The Next Meeting

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Cold Call Opening Line
If you want to become better and cold calling and craft the perfect cold calling script, the first step is to focus on your first line. The cold call strategy I recommend is to ask for help. For example, you can start your cold call with, “Hey John, I’m a little lost. Do you mind if I take a second to tell you why I’m calling?” This cold call strategy works in several industries from smma, tech, and more.

Setting Expectations
The next step of your cold call script is to set the expectations for the call. In my cold call example, I’ll show you step-by-step how to set the expectations for your cold call to disarm the prospect and build rapport. When you set the right expectations on your cold call, the prospect is less likely to hang up.

Identify Pains and Qualify Prospects
After setting expectations in your cold call script, you’ll then transition into asking questions. This may be one of the best cold call secrets. In a B2B sales environment, you’ll want to ask the right questions that uncover the prospects’ pain.

As you start uncovering the prospects’ pain during your cold call, you’ll want to ask more questions and dive deeper into the customer’s pain. What do they want to accomplish, why didn’t it work, and what are their biggest challenges. These are some of the questions you’ll want to ask.

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Uncover Desired Result
As you dive deep into the prospects’ pain during your cold call, the next part of your cold call strategy is to understand their result. In a perfect world, what does your prospect wish they can accomplish, and how can you position your product or service as the solution during that cold call.

Close & Set Up The Next Meeting
Finally, you’ll want to close out the meeting. During a cold call, it’s unlikely to make a sale on the first call because the prospect does not trust you enough, and you’ll have to move them to the next part of your sales cycle, which may be a demo or presentation. Closeout your cold call by scheduling the next meeting and clarify what the prospect can expect on that next call.

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Best Cold Call Opening Lines - How To Start a Cold Call
Best Cold Call Opening Lines – How To Start a Cold Call

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Best Cold Call Opening Lines – How To Start a Cold Call.

cold call.

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  1. Hey Patrick,
    First I can not thank you enough for your amazing videos, they are truly amazing, straight to the point and amazing
    Second regarding to starting the cold call with the following phrase " hey X I'm a little lost " forgive me but I guess " a little lost " doesn't sound professional or sounds more like someone who is in a desperate need for help, so is there is any alternative that you would advise me to use, truly appreciate your effort and help and wish you all the best 🌷🌷

  2. I like talking but its bit too wordy Patrick, if your making many sales calls per day it will sap your enthusiasm saying same long opener over and over, your vibe will be off after the 5th call, any shorter version that does the same job?

  3. Hey Patrick, great video! Quick question – what if after you ask them "Does that sound fair to you?" they say yes it does but can you call me back another time? How do we know they are actually interested in speaking at a later time or are just pushing us away? Thanks in advance!

  4. I work is an account manager for a tech sales company right out of college, stepped away to work in higher education, and now I'm getting back into tech sales. I'm trying to knock off the ring rust, and your channel is an extremely valuable resource to not only refresh my memory of best strategiesand industry terms, but I'm also learning a ton of new information. Recently subscribed, and I'll be sure to refer this channel to others beginning in the field. Love what you're doing dude!

  5. Hey Patrick, Great video. Just had to prepare a sales prospecting video for an interview. I got to the final stage. Would love to see your take on it in a youtube video. Any plans for a video on the topic?

  6. Hello i this video is a value bomb.
    I was wondering if there is any way which I can use to get the business Owners social media accounts of eCommerce Businesses.
    I think it will be better and more effective if we can reach out directly to the Business owners but unfortunately I don't know how to do so.
    Please if you can help me this I will very happy

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