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Dường như bạn đang tìm kiếm nội dung nói về ancient aliens season 7 vietsub có phải không? Hình như bạn đang muốn xem hướng dẫn về chủ đề Ancient Aliens: MYSTIC SECRETS OF MULTIVERSE REVEALED (Season 16) | History đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

Ancient Aliens: MYSTIC SECRETS OF MULTIVERSE REVEALED (Season 16) | History | Kho thông tin, phim ảnh giải trí miễn phí.


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Within Tibetan Buddhism, one may hold the key to accessing alien realms through deep meditation – once in an enlightened state; interdimensional travel can take place , in this clip from Season 16, “The Lost Kingdom.” #AncientAliens
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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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Hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề Ancient Aliens: MYSTIC SECRETS OF MULTIVERSE REVEALED (Season 16) | History.

Ancient Aliens: MYSTIC SECRETS OF MULTIVERSE REVEALED (Season 16) | History
Ancient Aliens: MYSTIC SECRETS OF MULTIVERSE REVEALED (Season 16) | History

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Ancient Aliens: MYSTIC SECRETS OF MULTIVERSE REVEALED (Season 16) | History.

ancient aliens season 7 vietsub.

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  1. Fascinating how there was undeniable proof of a transition to a rainbow light body – perhaps the best evidence ever that there is no death, only a balanced transition of physical particles to light particles.

  2. Our brains are human, not our minds. Our minds are not of the body, so therefore our minds cannot be human. Just because we exist as human beings today doesn't mean that's where we come from and it certainly doesn't mean when we transform (die) we stay human. I've long held the belief that the universe split itself into many facets to learn. We ARE the universe struggling to understand itself!

  3. Hermitage states, that the closer we come to the divine in us all the less of the physical world we'll inhabit. The closer we come the less egotistical we are because it's a practice that causes the realization of the divine within, and moving closer to the divine will move us further from the material. The material is where the ego lives, but the subconscious is our connection to these other places. If you talk to someone who is doing these meditations, you'll learn that after a time, they become less human (less self-destructive, less selfish, less greedy, less concerned with the material.) the more divinity one gains the less human they become because it is human to be all of these things, destructive, selfish, greedy…. and the less suffering one experiences because our minds are moving away from the suffering of this world towards another world without suffering.

  4. The rainbow dimension is not located on earth. Most hermits believe it's a dimension that's on the other side of the big bang, that it exists outside of time and space as we know them to be.
    It's also thought that all knowledge and wisdom can be found there not just from humanity but from every conscious creature in the universe and outside the universe. The Akashic Records is what some people call this place.

  5. The mind's infinite possibilities are most potent as children because we haven't been made to believe what the adults in modern life have been taught, that nothing is real outside of math physics and science which is of course not true. Children who have not been tainted or scared, will be able to access these places more easily than adults because their minds are untouched unjaded by the material.

  6. The belief is also that the mind's infinite possibilities allow us to appear there if we are practiced enough. The other side of this belief is that some people are born with this ability so because of their talent they are able to access that place and bring that energy here, also that once that place is able to be accessed, the people who can access it produce an aura of beneficial energy that everyone can feel when they are around that person.

  7. Actually the belief isn't that it cannot be accessed through material abilities like technology it is simply understood that we as a race have not yet reached that technical level to travel physically between dimensions.

  8. Meditation can cause hypersynchrony of neurons in the brain which is what happens during seizures. If you look back and read different things it mentions that epileptics were cast out and some considered shaman. Look up ecstatic seizures and spiritual experiences. I have temporal lobe epilepsy with complex partials seizures. I’ve had a few ecstatic seizures and I felt like I was being pumped full of amazing energy and I thought I was going to figure out why were here and the secrets of the universe before blacking out and forgetting pretty much everything,


  10. The light shines in the dark and the dark comprehend it not. This is not RELIGION. All containers are universes for the things they contain. Our universe, our bodies ( light produced inside) cocoon: evolution occurs inside the cocoon, the caterpillar's universe where evolution takes place. Sperm cell enters egg : it's universe, next evolves into baby. This is basic science.

  11. Most if not all are blinded from the truth by their Ego. This is the first step…
    Can you accept the truth when it's presented to you or do you see something else… Something that's not true something that makes you feel better than the truth…
    This is the false Ego.
    It stands in the way.

  12. The yogic practice (of which Buddhism is an off-shoot )is to open that portal to other dimensions via meditation. Shambala, Shangrila,, Siddhashrama, Gyanganj – all refer to that portal opening to much higher planes of existence. These do not exist in the physical plane that is why nobody has ever discovered it much as they have tried.

  13. I wish he could have returned it was his choice but I've been there and returned believe me you what you see in the video is not even 1% of it and have reached this meditation point more than 17 times its not for everyone

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