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Có phải là bạn đang muốn tìm hiểu bài viết nói về wax clay có phải không? Có đúng là bạn đang muốn xem nội dung về chủ đề AMAZING Detail Trick: How To Wash Then Clay & Wax In Just One Step! đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

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AMAZING Detail Trick: How To Wash Then Clay & Wax In Just One Step! | Kinh nghiệm dễ thực hiện nhất về chủ đề mẫu tóc xinh nhất.

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One step wash, clay, and wax? Did we just become best friends? Jokes aside, this is secret weapon in auto detailing that allows you to decontaminate your cars …

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AMAZING Detail Trick: How To Wash Then Clay & Wax In Just One Step!
AMAZING Detail Trick: How To Wash Then Clay & Wax In Just One Step!

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AMAZING Detail Trick: How To Wash Then Clay & Wax In Just One Step!.

wax clay.

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41 thoughts on “AMAZING Detail Trick: How To Wash Then Clay & Wax In Just One Step! | keyword] | Bài viết đơn giản nhất về chủ đề làm tóc”

  1. The reason I am so in tuned to liking these products is because of the science behind it all. The detailing industry is constantly changing and coming up with new ways of professionally detailing a car with less time and effort, with just as good if not better results. When a professional from one industry particularly a chemistry background (Dr. Ghodoussi) dedicates his time to detailing products and the potential that they have if produced right, I'm not about to question his mission. As a detailer who owns a business, we have to be efficient and in a timely manner. These types of products help tremendously by cutting time in half and still getting great results.

  2. Did you use that clay towel on the whole car or did you use a clean clay towel for each part of the car? Also, if you used the same towel on the whole car did you clean with power clean between each section?

  3. I just bought the clay towel and when I try to use it it keeps sticking to the surface. I used plenty of lubrication on the surface and on the towel. It left a bunch of clay marks on my windshield that won’t come off.

    Anyone else have this issue?

  4. Did the rusty water marks on the rotors at 1:57 happen as a reaction to the guy mixing the polymers in the water bucket, or did it happen when the car was cleaned with water right before it was cleaned without water in the segment? How much was the car used after it was washed and before this amazing product showcase? Does this product work exclusively on cars that have only been moved a few feet since they were last washed with water?

  5. I have a bunch of questions. Is it possible that use this method to wash and clay the car prior to polishing? So basically i want to omit the car wax and straight to clay and dry. Is that okay?

  6. I enjoy watching this stuff, gonna try and get the clay towels for work , also the Ultimate Fast Finish from Megs is a spray wax with lots of protection time as well. Anyone done a comparison ?

  7. IMHO most vehicles will not be clean as this car was so I’d never trust the initial approach of cleaning a car as this video suggests. At the very least I’d do a traditional 2-Bucket wash or 2 Stage Pre-Wash Foam Bath than Bucket Wash than commence with this approach.

  8. For a nearly clean car,or in water reatricted aerias…..yes.maybe this 3-1 procedure works….but if the car is dirty, and has traffic film greace grimw in it…..onr alone do nit removing it,then you rubbing the trafic film and the contaminants from the clay mitt INTO the paint throught the already contaminated surface with remaninh greace grime trafic film, boby contaminants and.the wax…all of this…mixed fluid youbrubbung it into the paint……
    How this.make sence.????

  9. I think I’ve seen in another video doing this process can you use opti seal to aid in drying after claying? Or work like in the video and dry then come back and dry apply opti seal?

  10. I'm looking forward to trying this however, I'm concerned the traffic film won't be removed from the paint's surface. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  11. Could you use any spray wax or does it have to be optimum due to the synergy? This method looks great but I have 3/4 gallon of meguiars synthetic spray wax so I don’t want to have to buy another! Keep up all of the videos they are some of the best on YouTube for detailing!

  12. When using onr, was the water filtered? Cause in my city the water is a bit harsh that causes water spots when it drys, so would onr help minimize or prevent water spots to wash my car with it.

  13. Noob to the OPT line and Rag Company products, but the instructions on my OPT claytowel said not to soak the towel? Did I read that wrong? Loving the pluffle!!

  14. In this video you use ONR rinse and shine but would you do the same exact process if you had ONR wash and wax? Seems like a silly question but I had to ask just to clarify.

  15. not impressed… anybody who just puts a sponge or wash mit on a car without rinsing off loose dirt and debris is crazy!!! …
    rinse the car
    foam the car,
    clay the car with a clay rag while foam is on the car,
    wash the car,
    rinse the car,
    spray qick wax on the car while wet (don't need much),
    wipe car down to a nice finish…
    takes 30min.
    vacuum and wipe down interior 20-30min

  16. OS for me please! it s on its way. so i been waxing the car with synthetic wax for some time. will OS penetrate this?or should I do a different sequence of actions?

  17. tried this method yesterday.. like it, but how do you ensure you are getting enough spread out of the wax? my concern is the car is getting clayed and stripping the wax on the car, but i don't have a way of verifying that the opti wax is covering the entire area.. thx

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