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7 Things to Know When You First Fall in Love | Kiến thức đơn giản về các mẹo, thủ thuật máy tính, đời sống.


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Are you in love with someone for the first time? What are the little things to know that can make a world of a difference in your relationship? If only you knew these things… Well! Psych2Go is here to help you.

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Want more dating tips? This is the only relationship advice you’ll ever need:

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7 Things to Know When You First Fall in Love
7 Things to Know When You First Fall in Love

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7 Things to Know When You First Fall in Love.

jumpstart moi nhat.

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  1. I have a crush, as soon as I met them, I already thought that that was the person I was gonna marry. Even though I already had other crushes at the moment, I put them all aside because I knew I would marry that person. I don’t think they like me back, but this is the biggest crush I have ever had.

  2. “Even the smallest family will be a powerful nation. I am the Lord, and when the time comes, I will quickly do all this.”

    ‭‭(Isaiah‬ ‭60:22‬ ‭CEV‬‬)

  3. Reading through the comments has helped a lot, I'm going through a breakup after a year long relationship since he needed a break, only recently I realized I needed one too

    I know accepting something and doing something are two different things- but just yeah. It's nice to know we can grow from this, even if we don't get back together.

  4. When you love someone who only exist in your heart,is hardest but beautiful feeling you can have,knowing the person you love don't exist,still liking them makes love special as it is beyond the field of logic,where in the end heart wins over brain every time

  5. This….
    This… explains alot.

    I definitely realized just now how I'm less fearful around her and less caring of social judgment around her.

    But uh, I already know I can't be in a relationship with her. :<

  6. F**k this feeling. Sometimes i feel like he loves me too, but as a friend or as something else? Im stuck in between. Yea sure maybe its just another crush for me, but this one is too valueble for me to lose, i have never been into a person this much :(
    I just dont wanna ruin this friendship since i cherish him too much

  7. "What does self love even mean? How do we begin to try and find something good about ourselves when we're trapped in darkness. The whole reason we despise ourselves is because we can only see the parts we hate. So, forcing ourselves to find good things feels pointless. Like we'd just be making them up. It's a nice sentiment, but that's not how life works. Instead, I think it's when someone else say, "they love you," that you're finally able to start loving yourself. When someone truly accepts who you are, that's when you can start to forgive yourself and suddenly see the good things you had all along."

  8. Hi
    I felt "in love" with my bestfriend
    Few weeks ago we kissed each other
    But it wasen't passionate, cool but not impressive
    We said to each other that we begun to have some feelings about us
    But we didnt't want to see a friend's relationship falling
    Since we're pretty desesperate, we don't really know what to do
    It's not awkward, just strange sometimes
    Do you have an advice about it?

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